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Getting to Know Ace Communications


At Ace Communications we are a company that is passionate about electronics. We also have a passion for connecting people with devices whether they were repaired or new to you.


We are a company that is focused on not only fixing your broken electronics, but providing a reliable source for device replacement, and for prepaid service. 


Our mission is keeping the bridge between you and the outside world through repair, replacement, and the service by which you can keep connected.

Why Choose Ace

Are you looking for professional technicians to repair your electronic devices or want to buy a new one? Or you want to stick with a pre-owned device and save yourself some money. Look no further!! We at Ace communications provide repair services for your devices may it be a cell phone or a computer and are committed to providing you the best service and unbeatable prices on our products. We also provide the largest selection of Prepaid Service ever offered! We have been in the technology game for 10 years in counting. Our highly trained, knowledgeable and friendly staff will ensure you have a hassle-free and pleasant experience with us and will provide you with their expert advice related to all the latest technology available in the market today!

What People Are Saying

Dimitri James

"Saleh and his team are just top notch. Got my mom's apple apple watched battery and LCD repaired after the battery puffed up and destroyed itself..apple wanted twice what the Apple watch was worth I 2as like no. So glad we brought it to ace!
Good as new and my mom is super happy"
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