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Keeping you connected is our #1 Goal

Why choose Ace Communications?


At Ace Communications all of our technicians have to pass our Ace Certified standards.  They are put through an intense training procedure to ensure that no matter what device comes in we are able to diagnose and fix the device.


All of our repair services come with a lifetime warranty! We stand behind our work and can ensure your device will be fixed the right way.


All of our repair services we have parts stocked for are guaranteed same day!  Typically most repairs take about 1 - 2 hours or less. If you're pressed for time you can schedule your repair ahead of time!


Our goal at Ace Communications is to keep you connected! We aren't a "typical" repair store .This is why we offer the biggest selection of prepaid service, and the biggest selection of new & certified preowned devices!


We take pride in the fact that not only do we make it our goal to provide the most personable customer service experience, but we also provide support & answers to all of your technology related questions!


Quality parts! This means that at Ace we  ensure that you get quality replacement parts and fully test all parts before they are received into our inventory!


Don't See The Device You're Looking for?

Well  guess what? We service over 2000 different models! If you don't see the device on one of our repair service lists, all you have to do is get in contact with one of our representatives so we can get you a custom quote!

Get in Touch Today!!

Keeping You Connected Is Our #1 Goal

Ace Communications offers a wide range of mobile repair services. In addition to keeping your devices working as they should, we also offer a big selection of prepaid services and an even larger selection of certified refurbished and new devices.

We take great pride in what we do. That’s why we make sure to provide the best customer service experience while ensuring all the support and answers you need when it comes to your mobile devices.

Why Ace Communications?

Ace Certified Technicians: We understand how important your devices are. Your smartphone, computer, or tablet are part of your daily routine, and we put our technicians under our personal intense training, Ace Certification, to ensure that your devices are diagnosed and fixed. Whether it’s an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy, an iPad, an Amazon tablet, a Macbook, or anything else, your devices are in good hands.

Lifetime Warranty: We stand behind our work and offer lifetime warranty on the repairs we do. Rest assured if you encounter any hiccups with devices repaired and sold by Ace Communications, you’ll get the service you need right away.

Same Day Service: We know you want your device back in your hands fast. That’s why our technicians work to restore your smartphone or computer to its original condition in about an hour or two - or even less! Make sure to schedule your repair ahead of time for a quicker turnaround.

We’re More Than A Repair Shop: Ace Communications’ goal is to keep you connected. We know how important staying connected is, and we offer services to help you stay online. We fix your devices, offer prepaid services, and a good selection of new & certified pre owned devices that fit your needs.

Your Satisfaction Is Our Priority: Here at Ace Communications, we understand that you’ll have a lot of questions related to your devices. Worry not - we will answer them all and provide you with the most personable customer service experience.

We Use Only Quality Repair Parts: We fix your devices and want them to stay fixed. Aside from working with the best technicians, we also use quality parts in our repair and replacements! We ensure the parts are tested and stocked up, helping us provide your devices with the best services.

What Devices Can Ace Communications Fix?: We diagnose and repair all smartphone, computer, tablet, and other mobile devices you may have. iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Lenovo, you name it! Simply type in your device’s name in our search box and we’ll help you get it back to its original state. From screen repairs down to button replacements, we’ve got you covered!

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