The popularity of tempered glass has skyrocketed in the past year. Thousands of companies offer screen protective solutions for cheaper and cheaper, but few companies are actually changing the industry itself.

Screen Defense Pro, based just outside of Detroit, is one of those companies who are developing the future of cellular care. Instead of questioning why traditional screen protectors aren’t offering superior protection, they decided to come up with the answer.

The SD Pro line of tempered glass is the pinnacle of screen protection. They’re Shatter Proof, Scratch Resistant, Anti-Fingerprint, made of Aerospace / Military Grade Materials, only .33 mm thin, and offer Full High Definition Clarity. The glass is rated as 9H on the MOH’s hardness scale, which places it just 1 grade under diamond. They also come with a free back case and SD Protector. But that’s not what really sets Screen Defense Pro apart. 

SD Pro offers the Ultimate Screen Replacement Guarantee. If you break your phone screen while using their product, they will replace it for free. That’s right, for 1 year after registration your phone screen is 100% protected against cracks and if there is an accident, SD Pro will fix it. For free! How’s that sound for 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed? 

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